Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Habib Nabiel: Completion of Avian Influenza in Indonesia Not Optimal

Jakarta (15/1), handling cases of bird flu in Indonesia seems to have not met the expected results, which the WHO puts Indonesia as the country with the highest bird flu death toll in the world, but the government looks not working optimally.

The government through the minister of health has to work extra in dealing with these problems, "says Hb. Nabiel Al-Musawa, Member Working Committee (Panja) Bill Livestock & Animal Health Commission IV PKS, in Jakarta, Tuesday (01/15/2013).

Based on data from the Central Veterinary until the end of 2012 cases of bird flu have occurred in 10 provinces. Beginning in January 2013 this new variant of bird flu virus has been found in three regencies in Bali, so entirely into 11 provinces. Total from October 2012 to January 6, 2013, had caused the death of 160,904 ducks.

Challenges ahead in controlling bird flu (avian influenza) are increasingly complex and difficult because not only secure the national duck population totaled 46,969,522 tail by livestock statistics 2012, but also trying to keep the virus does not mutate to a human attack.

We urge the government is more serious, the government should be more coordinated measures across sectors, both central and local'' he said. Hb. Nabiel confirmed, it is very questioned the seriousness of the central and local governments cope with bird flu. Though this epidemic has become a serious threat as more and more victims of both human and avian.

In addition to the nine-step program which was launched in tackling the spread of bird flu virus, which include: biosecurity, depopulation and vaccination, the Government should also standardize the procedures for checking against any poultry and citizens who enter the territory of Indonesia with adequate quarantine facilities.

Local governments should also provide a clear flow of information about the early prevention methods, such as by attaching various announcements in offices, village or stay at home, until the call to come to the nearest medical facility.

The mass media do not just report the latest developments occurrence of cases of bird flu, but also broadcast other government policies and efforts to educate the public against the spread of bird flu virus.

Last to prevent panic, the government should clarify its policy direction and the efforts that have been made, including the call for cooperation in border areas (border control) "closed Hb. Nabiel.


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