Monday, January 14, 2013

Indonesia: Proactively Treating Citizens With Tamiflu With NO Symptoms

 [Sukoharjo is in Central Java.  When the Health Department provides Tamiflu Tables for residents for the primary reason of prevention, it makes it very difficult if not impossible to know if anyone is infected.  We can't obtain any data.  They say there has not been found anyone with fever.  They won't, as long as they are treating people with Tamiflu when they don't have any symptoms.]

Sukoharjo - The morningoring would be done DKK for 48 hours, since otherwise ducks in the region is suffering from bird flu latest type.

Even the Health Department also provides Sukoharjo 100 Tami Flu tablets to residents within a radius of 100 meters for the primary prevention of transmission of avian influenza.

Chief Medical Officer Sukoharjo, dr Subiyantoro Guntur on Monday (14/1) said it immediately opened shelters at the health center Polokarto, take steps to prevent H5N1 virus transmitted to humans. Department of Health has set a Bird Flu Alert in District Polokarto.
"Now we know the ducks that died in the village of Bird Flu suffering Bugel, we immediately move. Logistics such as Tami flu spends to direct our residents within 100 meters of the duck's cage. DKK monitored for 48 hours in the region, "said Dr. Thunder Subiyantoro.
Added, during the summer monitoring the patient if found, will be suspected as suspect bird flu. DKK will attempt to anticipate the extra Tami Flu. Tami Flu residents recommended to be consumed within 5 days with a dose of 2 x 1.
"Until now there has been found that people suffering from fever or heat. Hopefully it does not exist.  We already anticipated by Tami Flu recommended drink for 5 consecutive days at a dose of 2 x 1, " he added.

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