Monday, January 14, 2013

Indonesia: Palembang Works Intensively To Prevent #Birdflu #H5N1

[Palembang is where the suspected human case is from.  They may have discovered him thrutheir socialization efforts.  Palembang is in South Sumatra, Indonesia.]

January 14, 2013
Palembang (South Sumatra ANTARA) - Palembang City Government continues intensively to prevent the circulation of the bird flu virus, by spraying disenfektan routinely in poultry farms and bird markets.

Head of the Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry Municipality Tegoeh Sudirman, in Palembang, Monday said spraying disenfektan as an effort to anticipate the spread of bird flu virus.

"Until now it has not found the bird flu virus that attacks both birds and humans," he said.

According to him, efforts to anticipate the spread of the virus that causes death if infected poultry, carried out by killing germs that could potentially cause H1N5 Virus.

Spraying disenfektan be one attempt but keep poultry cages are essential.

He said his party routinely around to farms and markets to socialize the importance of maintaining cleanliness of the cage and spray disenfektan.

Giving vitamins to poultry are also encouraged to regularly consumed.

He explained that the officers also intensively monitoring the entry and exit of poultry from outside the capital.

That, to anticipate the entry of H1N5 virus infected cattle from other regions. (Nila)

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