Monday, January 14, 2013

Indonesia: Kementan mass production of H5N1 vaccine clade 2.3.2

January 14, 2013
Ministry of Agriculture claimed to mass produce the vaccine clade 2.3.2 H5N1 bird flu, which was centered in the Central Veterinary Farma, in Surabaya, East Java.

"The vaccine has been produced H5NI clade 2.3.2 Farma Veterinary Center. They worked 24 hours nonstop. They are targeted in a short time produce 2 million vaccines. Then be distributed to the areas is a priority handlers spread of the virus," said Deputy Minister of Agriculture Rusman Heriawan , in Kulonprogo Monday.

Wamentan said, the first time the H5N1 strain of AI virus discovered by Center for Veterinary Wates. AI type H5NI a new gene drift with clade 2.1.3 H5NI attacking chickens. But in a short time, a vaccine for AI types H5NI directly found by Center for Veterinary Wates.

"The discovery of AI vaccine type H5NI clade 2.3.2 can not be separated from the good cooperation and coordination between the laboratory with the Ministry of Agriculture. So in short, we managed to find this AI vaccine,"
said Rusman.

According to him, the vaccine used is the identification of the development of bird flu vaccine earlier exterminator. However, the need to test and re-processing up to two or three times.

"So the result of the development of bird flu vaccine.'s Just necessary to repeat two to three times, and could probably five times," he said.

He said, the number of ducks that die from terserangnya AI type H1N5 has struck at least 200 thousand ducks or 0.45 percent of the total 47 million ducks.

"There is no pressure to be established extraordinary occurrence (KLB). Memenandang But we do not need to be specified, because the virus is not the case from Sabang to Merauke, but a particular area as a center for the development of livestock," he said.

For that, once produced AI H5N1 vaccine, he said, it will directly mendistrubusikan to the North Coast region (Northern Beaches) as Brebes, Pemalang (Central Java). North Coast region, particularly in Central Java is the center of the largest duck farming in Indonesia. In addition to Central Java, the vaccine also distributed to the southern wilayan Bantul.

"The rule is endemic vaccines focused on the spread of AI virus H5NI so widespread,"
he said.

In addition, said Wamentan, the Ministry of Agriculture has proposed a budget of Rp220 billion to the Ministry of Finance for the treatment of H5N1 AI problems.

The grant, said Rusman not in money but ducklings and fodder. "Compensation is not always given in the form of money. Assistance money usually do not educate, support will be provided in the form of goods cattle business that continues," he said.

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