Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Indonesia: Information Black Out Suspected Human Case of #H5N1 #birdflu

A man aged 45 years, is currently being treated in hospital pavilion Jasmine Muhammad Husayn Palembang.Unfortunately, the information suspect bird flu was still covered by the hospital. 

According to one of the employees RSMH Yini Palembang in one patient confirmed the pavilion of a man aged around 45 years, was admitted RSMH since Sunday (13/01) at 22:00 pm. 
"We have no right to give information, please ask the hospital public relations and agency head. But it is true that there is a patient suspected of contracting bird flu, "he said on Monday (14/01). 
Unfortunately the PR RSMH Palembang was also unable to provide information about it. So is the Chief Sal Melati Pavilion. 

Dr. Ahmad Spp Zen DKP, a specialist in internal medicine is it can not comment on the truth of patients who contracted the bird flu disease. 

"I can only testify to what was the bird flu virus. Truth about whether or not the patient who was admitted to this hospital, I can not comment because it was the right director, "he said. 

According to Zen, bird flu is an influenza firus similar to other types of flu. The signs, high fever above 38 degrees, signs of hives, runny discharge (runny nose), cough, pain when swallowing. 
If the trait is already attacking someone and views from the site are birds that have been affected by the disease and died from the disease, it can be concluded is most likely a bird flu. 
"All diseases will turn off when the slow ditangai. So is the bird flu can be avoided and cured. As you promptly to treatment and prevention, as used to wash his hands after doing various activities, avoid locations that have been infected with bird flu, "he said. 
Pricing Gilani, as well as to communicate with someone who has tested positive for bird flu. Although to date there have been no human-to-human transmission, but he was advised not to directly communicate with patients who are infected with the virus. 
"So far the only cases of bird flu from infected poultry to humans, be it birds, ducks and pet chickens other poultry. It's just that people need to anticipate in the prevention of such masks and hand washing habit, adequate rest, "imbaunya. 
Detecting the use of respiratory masks to the appropriate step to avoid bird flu. Where was suspected of contracting bird flu to immediately do the medical side. 
"Having examined the medical side usually will provide preventive treatment first with anti-virus.Then the second stage is given allergy medicine and other flu, "he said. (Nik)


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