Monday, January 14, 2013

Indonesia: Caution in North Sumatra

[It appears they are also working intensively by producing circulars, in North Sumatra on preventing the bird flu]
January 14, 2013
Medan , North Sumatra Health Office continues to make efforts to prevent the entry and growth of the bird flu virus to that area, one of them by issuing a circular to district / city.

According to the Head of Controlling Health Problems (FMD) of North Sumatra Health Office, Sukarni, on starberita, Monday (14/1) by a circular issued by the Directorate General of Livestock and Animal Health, Ministry of Agriculture 06042/PD number 610.F/12/2012 dated December 16, 2012 on the control of A1 in ducks. 

He said he made a circular to district / city for each region to take steps vigilance against the possible spread of bird flu virus. Moreover Currently, bird flu virus has begun to spread again in West Java, East Java and Central Java.Chances are, besides dengue and malaria are potentially so outbreaks, bird flu virus will also potentially occur in North Sumatra. Thus, we anticipate soon to make a circular.

The action taken by the vocal by calling the destruction of poultry in the infected area, so as not to spread to other areas Although it can be controlled, but we must not be complacent and must remain alert so as not to missed.

+ H5 N1 virus with new types (clade) 21 212 sub-clade is found in birds and humans, but this time based on the results of the examination of the species of ducks were found dead suddenly, has identified 23 sub-clade clade 232.pihaknya [his side] also requested that the district / city conduct outreach to people not to panic, but should still be vigilant through a healthy lifestyle and clean.

"Then, report and refer immediately to hospital A1 any suspect cases of bird flu in humans and immediately coordinate with local animal health ranks to undertake mitigation measures," he said. (ULF / YEZ)

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