Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Russian Defense Ministry: 5 Soldiers Die from Pneumonia in 14 days

[This is an arabic translation]
Minister Sergei Shoigu, Tuesday, sacked head of medical services to the army, after the death of five soldiers due to pneumonia. said the Russian Defense Ministry said Defense Minister relieved Colonel Vyacheslav Novikov, from his post as head of the Department of Military Medicine proxy, because "the slow pace department's work in the whole number of trends, including the development of a system of medical services and maintaining the health of the armed forces. and become known that five soldiers died of viral pneumonia in the period since the end of December 2012, up to 14 January 2013, said a spokesman for the Department Military Medicine Russian Defense Ministry Alexander Klimov today that virus glands may be caused their death. declared the military prosecutor to open a criminal investigation into the death of 4 soldiers due to pneumonia outskirts of Moscow, and If the inquiry that they were victims of neglect and inaction supervisors Health soldiers could face officials a prison sentence of up to 7 years.


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