Monday, January 14, 2013

Indonesia: Suspected Human Case #Birdflu #H5N1: But No One Is Willing To Talk

Monday, January 14, 2013 
PALEMBANG - A bird flu suspect patient care pavilion in Melati (SARS Center) RSMH Palembang. In search of this newspaper yesterday (14/1), the RSMH no one willing to talk. 
But from one of the nurses there, certainly there is a patient suspect bird flu. The patient was admitted to the pavilion Melati (SARS Center). "The patient was a man, aged about 42 years. Sign in and cared for here, Sunday night, around 22:00 pm, "the nurse said without even mentioning his name. 

With a little scared, she said the patient be directed straight to the pavilion Melati (SARS Center), no longer come to the ER (emergency unit emergency). "Straight to the pavilion because there is a referral from one of the hospitals, with the allegations," he said. (Nat / tha / BMN) B aca more in Sumatra Express tomorrow (15/1)

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