Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Beijing resident: "The poison is surrounded our daily life, look no also found toxic food, from wine to milk, meat and beans. We must eat the poison produced by the country"

Xinhua said the troop out this time, the Chinese police have destroyed 220 production facilities concentrated dirty food after investigation of the basis of production of edible oils, meat and products for every meal day for people in the New Year.
China's Ministry of Public Security said this is just the opening act for the attack campaign on crime "dirty" which lasted until the end of 2013. Most likely will be the "big catch" in the coming days.
Serial scandal scandal
"We have to eat the poison by the countries themselves produce"
A Beijing resident
... City Police Xiangyang (Hubei) was besieged and destroyed two factories producing fake drinks brands. People's Daily said the two facilities beverage produced from chemical to milk and food coloring with output of more than 2,000 cans per day.
Liaoning ... At factory Thang Thai police were sealed and seized more than 50 tons of fake goat meat production is made from chicken mixed with nitrite salt and some chemicals against rot before this workshop could hit the market during the holiday.
Police Beijing also break the line food supplement tablets contain banned substances by the Company Duong Quang production and consumption in 23 provinces. In this way, they have a profit of 30 million yuan (4.8 million USD). Police have arrested six people.
... Yinchuan Police (Autonomous Region Ningxia Islamic nation) has closed a series of production facilities sprouts contain hyper mass growth and other additives. Within days, the police have confiscated and destroyed nearly 7 tons of poison.
... In the city of Weifang, Shandong Province, monthly follow-up and ambush, interdisciplinary inspection team had arrested nine people dead in pork processing line of fresh pork. According to the police, who rose quickly to all parts of the province, colluded with the state's swine slaughter companies to purchase hundreds of tons of dead pigs.Then they use a chemical cleaning, soaking and industrial food coloring to turn into fresh pork sold in the market profit of 2.6 million yuan ($ 417,349).
The Chinese fear of Chinese food
The ongoing scandal was uncovered that Chinese consumers are not out of the main concerns of food "made in China" inherently threatening to their daily meals. The Standard newspaper in Hong Kong said in the beginning of the month 2-2013, Chinese consumers flocked to Hong Kong to buy milk and waves have caused consumer audience most of the time here. Status of Chinese milk stuffed full of bags and large boxes at the station, the pier to take the mainland, after being put on television, making Hong Kong the anger and protest.
Experts said that in an effort to crackdown "dirty food" from the past month, the Chinese government is trying to control the market for fear of trust of the people continue to suffer serious erosion. In early 2013, Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang stressed China's need to bring the issue of food safety top priority. Li vowed to punish severe offenses relating to food safety and to regain the trust of the people. Administration Food and Drug Administration of China announced those findings are violations of food safety can be awarded up to 300,000 yuan ($ 48,100).
"The poison is surrounded our daily life, look no also found toxic food, from wine to milk, meat and beans. We must eat the poison produced by the country, "China Daily quoted a Beijing resident urgent.

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