Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Vietnam: 2 dead, people protested the destruction of pigs


He sharpened, Chairman Dai Tan confirmed the pigs destroyed the of Vo Thien Born, head of the veterinary and General Tan. 4-2 previously, she Pham Thi Nguyet (42) Binh Tay village pig slaughterhouse owner, Dai Thang buy his 24 pigs Born furnace brought to slaughter sold.
However, after surgery, eight pigs, Nguyet with symptoms of fever, diarrhea, and intestinal bleeding.
Family for Nguyet admission but to date 8 - 2 Nguyet die. Then he Born to bring the remaining pigs to slaughter pigs by Nguyen Nguyen, 41, Xuan West, Dai New to surgical help. But when the surgery was 2 pigs, Mr. Nguyen Nguyet like symptoms and morning Day 10 - 2 died.
Mr. Phan Thanh Thien, Dai Loc district veterinary station, said when receiving information from the commune, Dai Loc district veterinary station sent someone to the victims' families to move some pigs for destruction.
However, hundreds of people did not agree, requires local government to check swine disease swine and do not want to bury patients at village should have prevented and occurs clashes with security forces.
"Right now we do not identify the pig disease that was nothing but two people died when exposed to pigs. First, we will destroy the remaining diseased swine disease swine and submit the form to the Regional Veterinary IV in Da Nang to check the results and will soon have to reassure people, "Thien said.


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