Friday, February 15, 2013

Indonesia: Bali Suspect in Overcrowded Sanglah Hospital

February 15, 2013
There appears to be a suspected human case of bird flu in the Sanglah hospital in Bali, Indonesia.

Name:  MD (2.5)
From:  Hamlet Sidawa Tamanbali village
Adm:  2/13, fever, cough, breathlessness (9:00 pm)
Adm:  2/12 Bangli Hospital (9:30 pm)
Onset:  2/10
Notes:  Poultry deaths recently at residence

The only problem is Sanglah hospital is experiencing some problems.
They are overcrowded and they are mixing infectious cases in with's an excerpt from a post I made a few days ago:

" However, it also meant special care for babies and patients such as patient infections, both TB and HIV should not be combined with other patients."

I was concerned when I read this article a few days ago, enough so that I provided a toggletext translation in addition to the now "standard" google translation:

Of the 10 largest disease must be hospitalized at Sanglah, it turns out most were cases of premature rupture of membranes, followed by cesarean section. Lung disease or pneumonia followed in third. While diarrhea and dengue occupy the fourth and fifth most diseases, hospitalized at Sanglah, followed by heart disease, childbirth, stroke, appendicitis and kidney failure. '' In general, both infectious and non-infectious diseases are still prevalent and no one has been significantly improved,'' he said.
[original statement:  'Secara umum, baik penyakit infeksi maupun noninfeksi masih merata dan belum ada yang meningkat secara signifikan,'' ujarnya.]
[toggletext of statement:  'Secara the public, both the infection and non-the infection was still equitable and not yet there are those that increased significantly', he said.]

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