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Germany: Bird flu: 14,000 ducks killed in Brandenburg

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Following the outbreak of avian influenza H5N1 in a Brandenburg duck fattening operation there on Saturday around 14 500 animals were killed.
Short work for over 14 000 ducks in the Oder. The animals had to be killed because had broken out in a fattening farm bird flu. The authorities hope to keep control.

More than 14,000 ducks in Brandenburg killed because of bird flu

After the outbreak of bird flu killed ducks in Brandenburg: All samples from other herds, which were in the past had contact, and a negative result, the spokeswoman said the Potsdam Health Ministry Alrun Kaune-Nüsslein, in the evening. If they were obviously an isolated incident.

H5N1 or bird flu

Around the operation near Seelow Oderbruch for 21 days a blocking circuit is with a radius of one kilometer. All poultry keeping him under observation, said the spokesman of the district Märkisch Oderland, Tobias Seyfarth. The holder of the animals were asked to report symptoms immediately and leave all the animals within the prohibited area.

Disease detected in ducks fattening

In the infected holding the bird flu H5N1 virus had been detected, but in a less dangerous, "not highly pathogenic" variant. In yet on Friday night, the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute (FLI) informed on the Baltic island of Riems. There is no risk for the population, insured by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture.
First, according to the country's Ministry of Health had been in the context of self-monitoring of poultry growing operation discovered antibodies against the H5N1 virus and reported immediately. The residents were given leaflets with instructions on how they should behave within the prohibited area.

Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute (FLI)

If an animal is sick leave, for example, to an abnormal head posture, recognizing discharge of the eyes and beak, the denial of food, sneezing or a dull plumage, explained Seyfarth. Would anyone watch something, immediately the competent veterinary authority should be informed.
With the "humane" slaughter of ducks, according to the county a company specializing in animal disease control was commissioned, the birds were gassed. The country had after the discovery of the H5N1 case established a crisis center to coordinate the disease control measures in Brandenburg. All counties, states and the federal government had been informed, it said.

Avian flu: H5N1 authorities fear

County veterinarian Ralph Bötticher pointed out that the reason for the infection of ducks still not clear. A transmission from wild animals was conceivable. In the wild, bird flu come more often, without the workers it something mitbekomme."When water birds, a H5N1 infection also occur without symptoms," says Boetticher. In Germany, the H5N1 virus had been detected by FLI information from the beginning of January not more than three years. dpa / AZ

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