Saturday, February 16, 2013

China: Guizhou Guiyang 39 people continue to receive medical observation of avian flu

Date :2013 -02-17 

Newspaper Guiyang, Feb. 16 (Xinhua Bai Hao) and Guiyang City two patients with confirmed avian influenza in close contact with 110 people, there are still 39 continue to receive medical observation, another 71 people had been lifted under medical observation, continue to undergo medical The observers not appear abnormal clinical manifestations such as fever. This is the news reporters today from the Office of Emergency Management, Guizhou Provincial People's Government.
February 10, Guiyang confirmed two human cases of highly pathogenic avian influenza in critical condition, including a 21-year-old female patient died on the 13th, after investigation, two cases were associated with birds history of close contact.
People infected with the highly pathogenic avian influenza is mainly caused by the influenza A H5N1 virus, acute respiratory infections, the main performance of the majority of patients with high fever and pneumonia, acute onset, rapid progression and high mortality. Currently, bird flu from poultry to humans, yet found sustained human-to-human transmission.
Good prevention and control work, Guizhou Sheng Nongwei emergency recently issued a notice of poultry farms to carry out a comprehensive investigation and asked the province's nine cities (prefectures). The province investigation in 88 counties (cities, districts), 723 investigation and live poultry market scale farms in 1163, colonization 388,800 households over 16,220,000 feather, poultry, disinfection of farms, trading places, an area of ​​3.53 million square meters, collecting samples test results were negative.
(Original title: Guiyang 39 people continue to receive medical observation of the avian flu)

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