Friday, February 15, 2013

China: 52 People Receive Medical Observations in Relation To 2 Confirmed Cases

February 16, 2013
According to Xinhua News Agency, Guizhou recently diagnosed two cases of human infection with highly pathogenic avian influenza, are now recognized history of close contact with poultry, there are still 52 people in close contact with two patients undischarged medical observation.
Reporters from the Guizhou provincial government emergency management office on the 15th, this year on February 7 and 8, Guiyang two patients to the hospital, were diagnosed with unexplained cases of pneumonia and severe pneumonia complicated by respiratory distress syndrome, the 10th Once confirmed human case of bird flu. A 21-year-old female patient in critical condition in the 13th rescue died, another 31-year-old male patient is still in the emergency treatment. According to the survey, case history of close contact with poultry.
As of now, Guizhou Province not then received new outbreaks have been reported, 110 people have had close contact with the two patients, 58 people have been lifted under medical observation, the remaining 52 continue to receive medical observers were not abnormal clinical manifestations such as fever.

It is understood that, Guizhou emergency deployment to start the emergency response, and composed of three special working group to carry out prevention and control work to deal with municipalities, state poultry farms to carry out a comprehensive investigation, and organizational work group to Guiyang City and county, city, district The farmer's market, the the poultry market place, scale farms to be checked. The Guiyang carry out investigation, disinfection work, start a human bird flu monitoring, the implementation date reports and 零报告制度.
Guizhou Province requirements, the next step in the prevention and control of the disposal of focus: First, adhere to the scientific treatment of active treatment, best treatment patients; increase prevention and control efforts, and increase the social aspects of the investigation and to prevent the emergence of new cases; strengthen coordination among various departments, do a better job of human avian influenza prevention and control of the source of governance work.
It is understood that the people infected with the highly pathogenic avian influenza in acute respiratory infections caused by influenza A H5N1 virus. The majority of patients with high fever and pneumonia, acute onset, rapid progression and high mortality. Currently, bird flu from poultry to humans, yet found sustained human-to-human transmission.

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