Saturday, February 16, 2013

Egypt: Health announces free Cairo from bird flu

February 16, 2013
The Directorate of Health Balqlliopip maintain free of any cases of bird flu following the onset of symptoms on two women in particular Bakhankp dead Halfa Bakljub.
Dr. Zakaria Abd Rabbo, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health Balqlliopip he samples were taken from two women after the onset of symptoms and detention Fever Hospital Abbasid and send samples to the central laboratories of the Ministry of Health, which proved negative samples and confirmed Abed Rabbo was activated surveillance Preventive all hospitals and health units Balqlliopip and that in case of the emergence of any cases suspected of being infected with the disease is to take preventive measures. 
For his part, Dr. Adel Anwar agent Directorate of Veterinary Medicine maintaining that it was the work of belt Veterinary after suspected injury ladies and coordination with the Directorate of Health and the local units of its villages and sampling of poultry after suspected injury in بؤرتين and sampling Sblh and sent to the Animal Health Research Institute and the results to confirm negative infections.

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