Thursday, February 14, 2013

Indonesia: Batam with #H5N1 Avian Influenza in Chickens

Plague Avian Influenza in Batam

Batam City Government wiping out thousands of chickens from a number of areas in the city of Batam as outbreaks of bird flu virus.Thousands of chickens died suddenly owned by ranchers who allegedly caused by exposure to bird flu. Dept. of Marine Fisheries, Agriculture and Forestry (KP2K) Batam city, DVM Suhartini, said more than 2270 chickens joint venture owned by the three groups (KUB) in Kelurahan Air Raja, Kecamatan Nongsa, dan Tanjungriau, City  Batam died suddenly in the last month. Data from Batam City KP2K mention of dead chickens 2270, approximately 200-20's tail belong to the citizens Kavling Seitemiang Agriculture, Village of Tanjung Riau. [Kavling Pertanian Seitemiang, Kelurahan Tanjung Riau.]The rest is owned by three KUB poultry which is a relief from the Ministry of Social Affairs. Third KUB was the Bunga Durian, Sariwati, dan Mekar Sari..  

"This case could have been avoided if farmers want to report early for chicken deaths have occurred since the beginning of January and the new farmers reported a few weeks ago," he said in Batam, Thursday (14 / 2). Having received a report from a breeder, the Animal Husbandry Department of Batam lower PDSR Team (Participatory Disease Surveillance and Response) to perform pamantauan and inspection of the site and the results of the rapid test is known birds that died suddenly due to bird flu positive exposure. For that, Suhartini appealed to farmers not to sell to consumers sick or carrying out of the farm locations so that the virus does not spread.  The farmers are also required to comply with preventive measures, not to infect humans.  

Meanwhile, thousands of chickens were not infected in the endemic areas of the Kelurahan Air Raja, Kecamatan Bulang, dan Seitemiang, Kecamatan Batuaji, has been annihilated by buried with distance one kilometer from the plague. Batam Mayor Ahmad Dahlan, said that there are thousands of tail in endemic areas should be culled to stop the spread of bird flu virus. It was also necessary so that the virus does not spread to humans. In the meantime, the farmers will not receive compensation from the government. "For people who allegedly infected with the bird flu virus melaporkanya immediately so as not to spread to other people and immediately get treatment," he said.  
[original:  "Bagi warga yang diduga terinfeksi virus flu burung segera melaporkanya agar tidak sampai menyebar ke warga lainnya dan segera mendapat penanganan," katanya.] 

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