Saturday, February 16, 2013

The new SARS terrible Guizhou 110 people in close contact with the avian flu patients

[translated from Chinese Simplified]
February 16, 2013 (Epoch Times reporter FANG Xiao roundup) coronavirus ("SARS"), experts believe that the new SARS "more terrible. Recently, the United Kingdom confirmed the third novel coronavirus in patients, revealed that the virus can be "human-to-human transmission. Hong Kong media have reported to the theme of "the United Kingdom is now the new SARS Guizhou avian flu burst.
Chinese New Year period in Guizhou diagnosed two cases of human infection of highly pathogenic avian influenza patients, one dead, one in critical condition. According to the survey, two patients had poultry history of close contact, and had close contact with them, up to 110,  52 of which have not yet released the medical observation. In addition, during the Chinese New Year, Zhanjiang, Guangdong, the phenomenon of two thousand ducks died within 3 days.

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