Tuesday, April 2, 2013

China: A Pig Story

Translation out of China
April 2, 2013

About six or seven o'clock in the morning before the morning thin mist hanging over the fields of early rice. Lu Gensong riding his motorcycle around a horizontal circle, to see the dead pig on impossible to stop the thieves a ride on the Harbor Village open. The village on the road from time to time someone passing, few people are willing to say hello and Lugen Song.
This day is March 18. Since the Shanghai media reported the Huangpu River rafting dead pig from Jiaxing, the pressure of public opinion a little bit transmitted to the outside 70 km cross Harbour Village, roadside dead pig than too few, the farmers began to put the pig while back gathered a set point, no longer scattered thrown on the roadside.
Cross pig corpses "into the winter after the local scene, Lu Gensong daily receive 40-50 dead pigs, which is more to piglets.
Is similar to Lugen Song received dead pig on land, in the water on the road, half a month to a group of people from dawn to dusk fishing dead pig, they come from the government. The sanitation department of Shanghai daily from 17:00 pm will be announced the day of the salvage digital microblogging. Since March 13, the data dissemination has become routine. Rather delicate the data never involves the "sum", only the specific figures of the day.
As of March 20, from the Huangpu River and recovered from the 231 dead pigs, totaled 10,395. March 7, microblogging users to publish photos of dead pigs in the Huangpu River, the number of salvage to now over a million less than two weeks before and after, and this time, Jiaxing, Huangpu River, dead pig keywords, rafting, formed a quite dramatic mystery.
A foreign media in the headlines for position to ask the question: "Please guess a mystery: 2,813 dead pigs found in the water of a major city, under what circumstances this is not a public health problem? Answer: When this happened in China. "under the pressure of public opinion, the spearhead of accountability first point in Jiaxing, and other local governments. But the the Reporter field survey a few days, tens of thousands of dead pigs can along the river rafting the story of a few days is like a Chinese version of "Rashomon", the answer is as complicated beyond imagination.

Continued:  http://gongyi.people.com.cn/n/2013/0402/c152509-20992392.html

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