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#H7N9 Mortality Rate's cold medicine sold out...

Translated out of China:

Pigeons in the agricultural market in Shanghai is detected the H7N9 virus, all culling of all poultry in the market, officially announced by Saturday to suspend the market live poultry trading. Shanghai to become infected with high-risk area, the city snapped H7N9 prevention supplies phenomenon.  

Hong Kong media criticized the mainland authorities still anti-people rather than disease prevention.  

Chinese mainland H7N9 epidemic continues to spread, the Zhejiang Provincial Health Department on Friday informed of Huzhou one case of H7N9 patients due to rescue invalid death Thursday, Jiangsu Provincial Health Department informed of new two confirmed cases. As of Friday evening, confirmed infection of H7N9 avian influenza in patients of 16 patients, of whom six died. 

 Hong Kong is also the first case of suspected H7N9 cases, the patient was a 7-year-old girl, went to the end of March, at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for treatment under isolation.  

The epidemic is serious global vigilance, Reuters reported on Friday, the White House is closely following the outbreak, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Center said to have begun to develop a vaccine, just in case. The Japan Airport is also the Immigration Department posters, warning all passengers if so, cold symptoms, seek medical help. Hong Kong released the preliminary alert and take precautionary measures at the airport. While Hong Kong stocks fell 610 points on Friday, analysis refers to the decrease was attributable mainly by variants of avian influenza H7N9 epidemic. 

 Health and Family Planning Commission of infectious diseases in China Key Laboratory Director Li Lanjuan Thursday to the media that is currently not possible to determine the source of infection and mode of transmission of H7N9. "H7N9 virus and other avian influenza viruses should be from poultry, but we feel that it is the source of infection is still unclear. Speaking from past experience, a lot of spread through the respiratory tract, now H7N9 respiratory communication, there is no particular evidence. " the Ministry of Agriculture on Thursday in a market in Shanghai Songjiang District pigeons samples detected H7N9 virus, the Shanghai municipal government announced the closure of the trading range of the market live poultry immediately.  

4:00 to Friday, the market 20,536 birds were all culled, and the harmless treatment. The Shanghai government held a press conference on Friday afternoon, said the citywide from April 6 will suspend the market live poultry trading, the temporary closure of live bird markets in the city. 

 Xinhua News Agency reported on Thursday in Shanghai a person close contact with H7N9 patients fever, runny nose and other symptoms be treated in isolation.Shanghai, said at Friday's press conference that the person has been tested and may be infected with the H7N9 avian flu has been ruled out. Close contact with patients diagnosed 119 people, and 118 A person does not have fever or respiratory symptoms.
While stressed, infected with the H7N9 virus, not all severe, a patient's condition has improved, while another 4-year-old pediatric patients during the recovery period.However, people in Shanghai six confirmed cases, death four cases, the mortality rate as high as 67%, only to announce the infected person is not severe and can not lift the hearts of the concerns. 

 Jiangsu Provincial Health Department has said Banlangen granules can prevent H7N9, although it became a more than Chinese medicine practitioner online no basis for this statement, Banlangen not abuse, but the people of Shanghai Mr. Zhao told this station Friday, currently the city's many pharmacies Banlangen granules have been sold out. Radix, we go fifty-six (pharmacy), have been sold out and other cold medicines, these drugs can cure a cold virus in buy, some also sold out soon. " netizens "Donovan Uncle" said: department epidemic conceal, cause we do not understand the epidemic, before blindly rely Banlangen to prevent.  

Friday news conference in Shanghai has also been a lot of criticism, refers to have the public is most concerned about the dead pigs, pigeons, the pathogens are not related to people once cold symptoms must seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Netizens "West Lake": suppose being still foggy.Your conference ended, avian flu will end? 

 Many Hong Kong media sent reporters to conduct field interviews in East China over the past few days with plenty of coverage of the outbreak, and delivered from all walks of life comment. "Oriental Daily News" published an editorial Thursday, said the mainland authorities to squeezing toothpaste on avian flu, not entirely true, it is dubious. The most baffling is that even if the epidemic is spreading, and still can not see the central government or the Ministry of Health to come forward to co-ordinate the work of national immunization, but continue to be fragmented by the local government. The face of a new round of epidemic outbreak, authorities are still hiding, hiding the notification provisions exist in name only.Could China's human life really not worth the money? Could the so-called "China Dream" is just a nightmare? Hong Kong's Apple Daily "published an editorial on Friday" anti-China and even in epidemic prevention Xi Li inevitably repeat the same mistakes ", Hangzhou just arrested four spreading the epidemic" rumors "online netizens immediately confirmed two H7N9 avian influenza outbreak. Local authorities to prevent Internet users in the disclosure of information rather than to prevent the spread of the epidemic, people ask: whether to forget the painful lesson to conceal the SARS epidemic? Xi Li can avoid making the same mistakes? 

The above is a special correspondent of Radio Free Asia sail coverage

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