Friday, April 5, 2013

#H7N9: Jiangsu Provice Both Recent Cases Testing Weak Initially

[This is a very interesting article.  Ms. Zhang is the daughter of the confirmed case and she is telling the story.  They cannot find out why the women got infected.  At the end of this article, they say she left every day to pick up the kids at school and would pass by open yard of poultry...Her sister lives downstairs.]

H7N9 family members of patients: hospitals not timely attention to delay treatment
Boxun Beijing time on April 5, 2013 
A female patients Yin a 61-year-old, Qinhuai District in Nanjing, retirement home.Noon on April 5, was diagnosed with the H7N9 avian influenza currently Yin a critical condition.     Yin a daughter Ms. Zhang told Ben, if the hospital is timely emphasis on the mother's illness will not drag so heavy, so small "film on Tuesday (April 2), the shadow of her lungs were only fingernail "The    family suspected suffering from avian flu not been seriously     until five o'clock tonight, the very fact that a CDC received from Jiangsu Province, the mother was diagnosed with the H7N9 avian flu news. But the very fact that, since April 1 saw in the newspaper about the H7N9 avian flu news to the mother's hospital where she suspected the mother had avian flu, her suspect, however, there has been no hospital great importance.     Late March of this year, Yin began pneumonia symptoms, Yin also suffering from thyroid cancer, the family immediately she was sent to a hospital in Nanjing treatment.     The Yin older, the hospital recommended families of arrangements Yin hospitalized.March 31, Yin fever subside symptoms, Ms. Zhang went to the hospital to take care of his mother.    On April 1, the media reported that Shanghai, Jiangsu someone had H7N9 avian influenza.Watched the news and the very fact that the hospital, the mother's symptoms similar to the H7N9 avian flu, avian flu suspected mother had. "A doctor and I said, they also have such doubts." Ms. Zhang said.     But the hospital is not a condition of Yin to do further testing. The Yin sicker, until April 2, transferred to another hospital in Nanjing. This hospital is also avian influenza designated hospitals designated by the Jiangsu Provincial Health Department.     According to the official news release, April 3, the Jiangsu Provincial Center for Disease Laboratory test results weakly positive for the H7N9 avian influenza virus nucleic acid. At this time, Yin was only recognized as highly suspected cases of H7N9 avian influenza.     The family staying in a hotel     Yin certain cases of highly suspected to final confirmation, but it took two days previously self-isolation .    Ms. Zhang said that in the afternoon of April 4, the hospital is a final inspection of a Yin are suffering from avian flu. "It was said that six or seven hours to come to fruition." But it was not until April 5, the very fact that all did not wait for the mother's test report.     Since then, the very fact that a person CDC to the provinces, cities, districts, and even the relevant state departments called to ask the mother's condition. "CDC is called and so on, we have been waiting for three days." Ms. Zhang said.     Until the evening of April 5, the very fact that one has to wait until the provincial CDC test report to confirm the mother suffering from H7N9 avian flu. This is from the very fact that raised doubts, has passed five days.     Initial CT scans, lung shadows only nails chip size, but the CT slice point of view, the lungs one are shadow spread too quickly! "     Ms. Zhang told IBTimes Chinese, from the mother is in hospital, the hospital has been did not tell his family to pay attention to isolation, "I take care of her mother, even masks with excreta disposal when no protective measures, the hospital did not tell me to pay attention to these." On     April 5, the mother is confirmed to be suffering after the H7N9 avian flu, the CDC of Jiangsu Province, call Ms. Zhang asked whether the need to go to her house for disinfection. "Before we are self-isolation, did not dare to return home, sleep in a hotel."     suspected the downstairs residents chicken pathogenic     61-year-old Yin a retirement home, people do not usually contact. The very fact that at first how to figure out the mother Where is contagious avian flu. People think of it until the very fact that the sister, the mother of the residents live on the first floor open space in the chicken.     Building residents, how can the chickens do? "The very fact that the Yin to pick up the kids from school, so every time you go out will be after that piece of chicken the open space, she suspected that the mother is infected with the avian flu here.     Ms. Zhang said, the downstairs neighbors chickens tomorrow will be reflected to the neighborhood.

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