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Shanghai death man named by the hospital is not completely isolated from medical records be sealed

This article is talking about this case.  Translation out of China:
Date of Report:  3/31/13
Name:  Wu 27(M) Pork Dealer in wet market
From:  Minhang District, Shanghai
Adm:  Shanghai No. 5 People’s Hospital
Onset:  2/27
Notes: No mutual infections among the 3 cases.  88 contacts are fine.  H7N9 has never been contracted to humans before.  Virus shows no signs of being highly contagious.  All sym’s were fever, cough developing into severe pneumonia & difficulty breathing in later stage.
Confirmation:  3/30/13
DOD:  3/10
April 4, 2013... At noon yesterday, reporters rushed to the Wu Mousheng before the Minhang Jingchuang vegetable market visits. Wu is one of Shanghai confirmed infection cases of the H7N9 avian influenza virus.
Jingchuang market is a small community markets, afternoon, few people are visiting the vegetable market. Wu's father-in-law Wu Demao where pork trafficking point then go amortization empty. Nearby traders said, he just shut the shop at noon to go home.
Healthy patients around the Spring Festival
Wu Demao stalls near the tofu shop peddler, 27-year-old Wu during the Spring Festival by Jiangsu Funing came to Jingchuang vegetable market, was I the particular business is booming, his father-in-law to help temporarily keep stalls selling pork. "Pretty introverted young man, people are honest."
She recalls that the last time I saw Wu in mid-February, and that morning he bought breakfast, "look perfectly healthy, unlike the ill.
Prior to that, Ms. Wu Moudi Wu Xiaoya said in a media interview, husband fever symptoms by the end of February, the first small clinic for treatment, but her condition repeatedly, March 3 to hospitals for treatment, diagnosed as ordinary pneumonia, the next day was admitted to the respiratory tract Division fluids every day. March 6, issued by the hospital in critical condition, and died on March 10.
Wu Xiaoya March 6 issued by the hospital in critical condition, the doctor personally told of her husband's illness "infectious", but the hospital isolation protection. When her husband was sent to the intensive care unit isolation the same ward thirty-four elderly patients. Many days later, the hospital had just grounds of "humanitarian grants to pay for their family 130,000 yuan.
Meat sold are brand cold meat
According to market traders the Wu Demao a Jingchuang vegetable market selling pork has been about three years time. Wude Mao's daughter also had help here to marry Wu, back home.
Reporter saw in the vegetable market stalls the Wu Mousheng ago to help guard, sales of a brand of pork.
Jingchuang vegetable market management the Shanghai Minhang Wholesale Food Co., Ltd. Pujiang cooperation farms manager Wang Zhishun said, all the fresh pork in the market are brand meat and specified wholesale channels approved by the relevant government departments to purchase.
If the merchant selling pork from unknown sources how to do? Wangzhi Shun said: "there can be no pork of unknown origin. Sent pork must Pig card" pig inspection and quarantine certificates, if the merchant trafficking, "We do not fine, do not have permission, but asked him to direct ' get out '. "
Wude Mao's brother Wu Desen previously said in an interview three years ago to become the company's agents to join has been no problem ".
Is not completely isolated from patient admission
Shanghai found another patient infected with the H7N9 virus, the 87-year-old Lee, living and Wu, Shanghai Fifth Hospital with a layer of the ward, but in the interval of a few rooms.
Yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to the Fifth People's Hospital of Shanghai visits. Building 11 in the hospital's administration building, the reporter found only hospital Yuanban, the 4th floor of the office floors 党办 where the door was locked, the door key or by subpoena.
Reporters call the Admin Office announced three office phone, and was told: "the person in charge is not, and does not know when to back", "new", "do not know the person in charge of telephone.
The officer, who asked not to be named told reporters that he first knew Lee this case is at the end of February, "a family of three disease very special, very sick", within the hospital was meeting notice, because there are special deaths, Ask the staff not only into the ward must wear a mask, but out of the room and can not remove it.
He said that, to his knowledge, to Lee after admission did not completely isolated, "learned that he did not specific etiology is not suitable for complete isolation when we exclude the H1N1, H5N1, but who do not know The H7N9 virus, the hospital is not related to the detection equipment, Shanghai also did several.
Last night, according to the Shanghai Five hospital insiders inform, currently, Lee and other related medical records has been the hospital archives, internal staff can not view these medical records.
● Location: Suzhou
● Case: diagnosed people are still under treatment
Patients who live near large farms
On the afternoon of April 2, the Jiangsu Provincial Health Department announced the province infected with the H7N9 avian influenza outbreak, the four cases in the province, including one case of patients with Suzhou Shen a Wujiang District. 10:45 yesterday, Suzhou Municipal Health Bureau held a news conference to announce the prevention and control of H7N9 human case of bird flu in Suzhou.
Here, they are speaking of this case:
Jiangsu Province
Date of Report:  4/2/13
Name:  Shen  83(M)
From:  Suzhou Wujiang District, Jiangsu Province
Onset:  3/20, fever, cough, sputum production
Adm:  3/29 Wujiang
Confirmed:  4/1 Jiangsu Provincial Ctr for Disease Detection
Notes:  Critical Condition.  15 contacts monitored.
Patients Shen, male, 83 years old, Suzhou Wujiang District. March 20 fever, cough, sputum production, accompanied by symptoms such as chest tightness, shortness of breath and chest pain. On the afternoon of April 2, Jiangsu Province, organized by the Office of Health expert, according to the clinical manifestations, laboratory testing and epidemiological findings, diagnosis of the cases of human infection confirmed cases of the H7N9 avian flu.
Suzhou Municipal Health Bureau said in a Food and Drug Administration, Currently, Suzhou infected with the H7N9 avian flu patients are still the Wujiang rescue treatment, taking into account the patients 83 years old, will be the First Affiliated Hospital of Suzhou University, sent experts to the patient's condition further consultation, to determine the suitability of sentinel admitted, if the patient's condition is not suitable for referral transferred to the Soviet attached to a hospital to be accredited by the Expert Group Wujiang full treatment.
Food and Drug Administration's response Shen cause infection, Suzhou Municipal Health Bureau, said Shen a Department of Wujiang elderly people living alone in rural areas around the residence no centralized large-scale farms and farmers' markets, but the habit of backyard poultry and livestock in rural areas, The cause of infection is not clear.
The conference, the briefing also known as Next Suzhou City, will be established infection with the H7N9 avian flu prevention and control work leading group, and epidemic prevention and control of the Group of Experts, medical treatment expert group.

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