Tuesday, April 2, 2013

#H7N9: Shanghai News Conference details

[a bit on the news conference.  It speaks of the 2 sons that were not confirmed, one died, one recovered].

The Shanghai held a news conference has been over 20 days since the death of two infected with the H7N9 virus patients, friends and members of the public had long been questioned whether there is concealed, the delay of the suspects, Wu Fan, director of the Shanghai Disease Prevention and Control Center, responded by saying: Unknown pathogen detection is very difficult, and will take some time. She said, H7N9 is a new virus, detect cases in outpatient and admitted the process, to rule out SARS known viruses, and again the unknown virus judgment and clinics, gene sequencing and comparison, and sent to the National Center for Disease Control virus isolation confirmed its infected with the H7N9 virus was confirmed.
It is understood that the 43 influenza monitoring sites in Shanghai and 130 the unknown medical institutions set up fever clinics the reason the pneumonia active search frequency from a weekly report system to "daily report" system. "As of now, we do not have access to the unexplained pneumonia cases in the new report. Wu Fan said, many pathogens causing pneumonia, this season infirm elderly, children are likely infected with various pneumonia pathogens, clinical relatively common, two cases of H7N9 deaths all close contacts, including family members, medical staff, have been medical observation at home for two weeks, have been lifted under medical observation, were not found similar symptoms and morbidity. The online rumors 1 case of 87-year-old H7N9 deaths two sons are infection and death, the reality is that his son suffers from other serious lung disease due to long-term smoking and other bad habits, died of severe pneumonia, the eldest son has recovered, they were not detected in the H7N9 virus.

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