Saturday, April 6, 2013

Shanghai fever woman uninfected contact with H7N9 patients

2013 04 06

April 3, H7N9 infection by certain death. Particular, female, 52 years old, the people of Shanghai, retirement home. Shanghai reported that certain close contacts of a total of 31 people, including a fever and other symptoms. At 18:53 on April 4, has been transferred to the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center, isolation and treatment.
  The good news came yesterday, said Wu Fan, director of Shanghai Municipal Center for Disease Control, after laboratory testing, close contacts fever mild flu-like symptoms for H7N9 negative. This proved that the patient was not infected with the H7N9 virus.
  The patient is a smooth recovery.
  The close contact with those infected with the H7N9 virus message, many people breathed a sigh of relief, which indicates that there is no evidence that the H7N9 virus can spread from person to person.

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