Wednesday, April 3, 2013

#H5N9: Beijing Does Not Rule Out Possibility of Outbreak - Lab Entered 24-hr Standby

Excerpt (translation out of China)
City CDC deputy director Pang spark introduction, Beijing had also occurred in the avian flu, such as the H5N1. But the 7 cases of H7N9 avian influenza virus infection as a new subtype of influenza A virus. As of yesterday, not received reports of human infection with the H7N9 avian flu cases in Beijing.

H7N9 cases has not yet been found in the northern region, but the Beijing population movements are frequent outbreak provinces Beijing is very likely, so the results of the risk assessment that Beijing does not rule out the possibility of an outbreak. "The public need not panic," said Pang spark, Beijing has experienced outbreaks of SARS, test of the emergency response mechanisms and capabilities are available, based on the deployment of the country and the city, to take appropriate prevention and control measures.

H7N9 virus monitoring within the city to strengthen the four monitoring system, including the unexplained pneumonia monitoring of medical institutions at all levels, monitoring of influenza-like illness, syndromic surveillance of infectious diseases, as well as 17 network laboratories in Beijing and 23 sentinel point medical institutions on the basis of conduct influenza pathogen monitoring to increase pathogen detection of avian influenza virus H7N9 "This is a very sensitive surveillance system."

Pang spark critically ill patients from the existing 7 cases of clinical manifestations of view, can not see this disease "appearance".Next, Beijing will be continuous monitoring of influenza-like illness, concern the existence of a number of different symptoms of "mild" patients, capture clusters of cases in a timely manner. City CDC said that the medical establishment is in the pre-screening, triage, protection, improve the quality and sensitivity of suspicious cases should be done the first time real-time reporting. Lab 24 hours a day to detect

Currently, the Beijing CDC to receive the H7N9 avian influenza virus detection primer provided by the Chinese Center for Disease Control, the formation of the technical capabilities of the detection of the virus. It is learned that the laboratory has to enter the 24-hour standby, night arranged for someone on duty, sampling the first time to detect suspected cases.


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