Thursday, April 4, 2013

Commentary on #H7N9 Avian Influenza Outbreak

A few points:

  • Poultry Culls order in Wholesale Market [Huhuai wholesale market in Songjiang District]
  • Shanghai Two Markets Suspend Poultry Sales:  Minhang District - Jingchuan and Fengzhuang
  • A Contact of Deceased Confirmed Case is symptomatic (fever, runny nose) - The case is the 52(F) from Shanghai, adm. to Huashan Hospital, Date of Death: 4/3/13.  The contact is in quarantine.  
  • No vaccine currently available for humans
  • Total of 14 cases (confirmed)
  • Total of  6 Deaths
  • Total of 7 Critical Condition
  • 1 is recovering, satisfactory condition
  • The WHO said it was yet to know the reason for the virus to infect humans. However, analysis of the genes of these viruses suggested that although they have evolved from avian viruses, they showed signs of adaption to growth in mammalian species.

    These adaptations included an ability to bind to mammalian cells, and to grow at temperatures close to the normal body temperature of mammals, which is lower than that of birds, it said.

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