Saturday, April 6, 2013

Information Office of Shanghai Municipality: Features of the Virus

 This is a press conference on April 5th.  Specifically I post the virus features below:

15:30  Xu Wei (government spokesman): Dear Reporter, good afternoon and welcome to participate in the municipal government press conference.
  Today's press conference will introduce the latest progress of the Shanghai people infected with the H7N9 avian flu prevention and control work. Participate in the conference, including: Mr. Xu Jianguang, director for the City Health and Family Planning Commission, Municipal Center for Disease Control Director Wu Fan President, the Agriculture Commission deputy director of Mr. Shao Linchu influenza treatment experts, the National Health Planning Commission, City Public Health Clinical Center expert, Mr. Lu Hongzhou , City of Industry Marketing Director Mr. Zhang Jingbao.


The H7N9 avian influenza has such a feature, at an early stage is basically three to five days, a cough, but rarely sputum, fever, low platelet, in general body temperature five days to subside, this patient is very dangerous serious illness occurs often five to seven days, five to nine days, and within 24-48 hours sudden respiratory failure. Reported yesterday that the death of the patient is within one day, appear respiratory failure, respiratory failure and his liver, kidneys have been involving a patient with multiple organ failure, we re-treatment effect on the very poor. We stand for the early diagnosis and treatment, the more difficult for ordinary people, just onset nothing to do with the common cold. Early to the hospital with fever after fever clinics of medical staff have been trained, they are to be screened for this disease, and also to the specimens sent to the relevant departments to detect, if after testing positive, the fastest speed as soon as possible antivirals are used up. View, taking antiviral effect is very obvious, the patient from becoming severe does not mean the death occurred within 48 hours, which is very important information. 

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