Friday, April 5, 2013

HK Med. Assoc. Met w/CHP -- Issued Rpt. Guidelines


The Mainland 3-year-old youngster sick is recovering after he returned to Hong Kong in the evening, said the team worked with experts from the Mainland to study some of the serious cases, the majority of the clinical manifestations are symptoms of the flu, rapid changes in the part of the human condition, and also study part mild disease cases, including a 3-year-old boy is in stable condition and is recovering. 

He said the two experts also examined the patient's blood test and chest X-ray films, and discuss doses of drug use, and that the current use of Tamiflu remains effective for the treatment of influenza. 

In addition, the Hong Kong Medical Association last night meeting with the CHP to discuss the bird flu epidemic. President of the Medical Association, Xie Hongxing said after the meeting, Dr. Xiang Huiyuan issued reporting guidelines recommend that doctors found patients with acute respiratory diseases, such as fever and severe pneumonia, plus the last seven days had contact with birds or to over to have infections region, even contact with H7N9 patients, should be made ​​to the CHP. 

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