Monday, May 20, 2013

Corona»: insurance companies will not cover treatment if it became Pandemic!

Translation 05/20/2013 The World Health Organization (WHO) begins today (Monday) annual meeting, which lasts eight days, and brings expectations that the virus 'Corona'

 Dominate a large part of its proceedings, insurance experts warned in Riyadh that their companies would no longer cover the cost of treat infected Balvyrus if turning a pandemic.
They pointed out that it supposedly means higher number of deaths from the virus to 20 deaths. They pointed out that the cost of coverage of treatment of chronic diseases drain as much as 50 percent of the value of insurance policies annually.
They said that there are many diseases that are not covered by insurance policies in the domestic market, especially as the majority of companies draw up a specific ceiling for coverage, a low ceiling of 100 thousand riyals, which does not believe in the treatment of incurable diseases.
The expert stressed of Ahmad الرقيبة insurance that insurance companies are treating the injured Pfyrus 'Corona' like other diseases, is that «if called recipe« B », the insurance companies do not bear the cost of treatment.
And about epidemic diseases among insurance companies, he said: «epidemic diseases among insurance companies in Saudi Arabia are concentrated in the Rift Valley fever, swine and bird flu»,
He pointed out that the World Health Organization (WHO) showed that the percentage of infected Pfyrus 'Corona' in Saudi Arabia accounted for 70 percent of the total infected worldwide.
He الرقيبة Speaking to «life», that «if the high number of deaths due to virus Coruna in Saudi Arabia to 20 deaths, you'll insurance companies in Saudi Arabia as a disease epidemic, and therefore will not bear the cost of treatment», describing the health care epidemic diseases in insurance companies as «equal to zero, and that the majority of insurance companies lack the research centers to learn epidemic diseases.
The expert insurance Maher Aldjaara, stated that a lot of segments of Insurance approved in Saudi Arabia does not cover the majority of the health needs of patients, has exposed the insured to a particular disease may not be covered by insurance, such as cancer, which is not covered by the document, which makes it difficult to complete the treatment and deprivation sick of it 

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