Tuesday, May 21, 2013

#H5N1 Vietnam: Vaccine Shortage in the Delta #birdflu

May 21, 2013

Delta is home to the largest herd ducks nationwide, but many provinces where the situation was in no vaccine for poultry vaccination


"The main reason is due to the conversion mechanism buy vaccine from the local central starting from 2013, we have trouble. Present locally but also criticized the budget to buy it took 3 months again due to bidding to buy, "said Trinh Hoai Thanh, deputy director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Bac Lieu information.
Avian influenza is raging in many places, but it will take many more months Chau Thoi new people get vaccinated vaccine sources. This is worrisome problem, because the last time recurrent services primarily in vaccinated poultry. This is the reality of many localities in the Mekong Delta.
 The source soon get vaccine not only contribute to the livelihood security of people living mainly on livestock, but it is also limited premise A/H5N1 flu outbreak.

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