Wednesday, May 22, 2013

#Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia: Analysis confirms the the virus suspected case free "Corona" in Bisha

[This is good.  Bisha is very far away from the other's the red postmark below.  Click to enlarge.]

May 22, 2013

Explained media spokesman health Bisha Abdullah Al-Ghamdi that the results of medical tests for the case of suspected bird flu virus, "Corona" at King Abdullah in Bisha on Tuesday showed the safety status of the virus and thankfully, the Emergency Hospital, King Abdullah had received yesterday morning case suspected that they carry the virus, "Corona" which necessitated an analysis necessary to do so. For his part, praised the World Health Organization actions taken by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the virus, "Corona", and pointed out the organization, in a statement issued today, the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia started to apply decisive action the field of public health, including: intensify monitoring of the disease, and the start of investigations into cases of infection, in addition to conducting research mission with him, and the development of measures and actions to combat it. statement added that the reasons that justify the diagnosis of more cases of HIV infection in the UK is provided in the strengthening of its Special surveillance, in addition to the laboratory capabilities and extensive partnerships. 

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