Thursday, May 23, 2013

Indonesia: Worried Menkes #Coronavirus Attack Pilgrims

MAY 23, 2013

Geneva - Health Minister Nafsiah Mboi expressed concern about the Corona virus that is currently spreading in the Middle East region. Moreover, he continued, Indonesian citizens often come to the area to perform the pilgrimage. "We want to give the right information that there is a threat," said Tempo Mboi WHO meeting on the sidelines of the UN headquarters in the Palais des Nations, Geneva, on Wednesday, 22 May 2013. 

Concerns related to age Mboi Indonesian pilgrims are mostly old. Number of pilgrims over the age of 60 years is increasing. Age is more vulnerable to viruses. At the same time, there is the challenge of the Indonesian Ulema Council that the Ministry of Health can provide halal vaccines. 

 Till now, said Nafsiah, has not found a vaccine for the virus Corona. But he was referring to the case of the influenza vaccine. According to Nafsiah, every pilgrim should Juma'ah got influenza vaccine last year. But no pilgrims who received an injection of the vaccine because there is no vaccine manufacturers that can get halal certification from MUI.  In fact, the seasonal virus can cause death if attacked elderly pilgrims. "We would love the influenza immunization but hampered by haram / ​​halal. Yesterday as tight when I had to stop because there is no vendor that can get halal certificate," he said. "This year was in May, not a single vendor who managed to get a halal certificate. So what?" Nafsiah added, he was more worried again following the development of the Corona virus. Until now 40 cases of Corona has been identified, 20 of whom have died. Nafsiah asks WHO to issue guidelines that can be used by all member states will send a pilgrimage. Indonesia, according to him, is the only country that has a problem with halal / haram related vaccines. Member countries of Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) Other, including Malaysia, there is no set policy halal / haram for all drugs and diagnostic products, including vaccines. 

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