Monday, May 20, 2013

#Coronavirus: Tunisia Ministry of Health Notes Laboroatory Tests on Victim & Family

May 20, 2013

The Ministry of Health of Tunisia, on Monday, the death of a Tunisian citizen was killed by a
virus, "SK", and pointed out that the organs continue to follow the health status of all members
.of the family of the deceased
She explained in a statement distributed this evening, that the deceased, who at the age of 66
years, and the infected diabetic, had enter the hospital, "Fatuma Bourguiba" city of Monastir
(150 kilometers east of Tunis) due to respiratory failure sharp afflicted after returning from the
."Bekaa holy" in Saudi Arabia, and Qatar
She noted that doctors injured were subjected to laboratory tests have proven his virus
"Corona" before he dies, prompting health authorities to subject his family to the same tests
.that proved that the two of them, whether they have symptoms of influenza in this type of virus

The Ministry for Health of Tunisia in its recall procedures the recommended to prevent the
spread of the virus, including "caution when the symptoms of influenza in arrivals from the
them, and urged them to carry respirators and ﺍﻟﻠﺻﻳﻕ Middle East, so as to avoid approaching
".protective, and wash your hands constantly, and ventilation shops habitation

The Tunisian health authorities had indicated earlier that it was working on the follow­up
developments Newbie type of virus known as the "Corona" causes serious respiratory illness
.accompanied by a high mortality rate among those infected
This virus is diagnosed, as a mysterious virus and rare species of viruses "Corona" which may
cause several human diseases, ranging from common colds and pneumonia syndrome severe
.(acute (SARS
The countries of the Middle East has announced that during the period between September of
last year, the twelfth of the month for the registration of 32 cases, and 20 deaths due to this
Was recorded these injuries in the Gulf states, including Saudi Arabia (23 cases, including 16
deaths), and Jordan (two cases), Qatar (two cases), and the UAE (one case), and Britain (two

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