Thursday, May 23, 2013

#Coronavirus #Alabama Blog Case Lists

It is enough to make your head spin.  Here are a few lists personally created from this blog.

Alabama Respiratory Cluster

Date of Report:  5/21/13
Name:  7 Cases (young to elderly)
Where:  Around Dothan in Southeast Alabama (10-county area)
Onset:  4/19 as recent as 5/20/13
Sym’s:  fever, shortness of breath, cough
Adm:  7 cases, 5 remain, 1 ICU
Died:  2  on 5/18 & 5/19.  (30’s and 40’s)
Note: DOD:  Unknown

CDC recommends hospitals use protective masks, etc.
ADPH was not notified until 5/16.
Family members are not infected. 
No travel outside area for any cases
no close contacts with sym’s
no clusters anywhere else in the state that they are aware of
Local Hospital where 2 died
No common denominator

Date of Report:  5/22/13
Increase to 9 hospitalized.
1 Fatality included H1N1
1 Confirmed Case tests positive for type A virus
Some are recovering & going home.
State Dept. of Public Health

Date of Report:  5/23
Source:  Reuters (
Total Cases:  10
1st Admitted to Hospital:  Last Week
Most Recent Hospitalized on Wednesday (5/22)
2 tested positive for H1N1
All lived in Dothan, Alabama

Coronavirus  MERS-CoV

Saudi Arabia Cluster Stat:  9 Deaths, 22 Cases
Total Global cases:  44
Total Global Deaths:  22
Saudi Arabia:  25 Cases; 17 Deaths
France Cluster: 2
Tunisia:  2 (3rd probable)

Saudi Arabia Cluster
Case Number—Name—From--Onset—Condition—DOD

#1--59M—al Hofuf--4/14—Died--4/19*
#2--24M—al Hofuf--4/17--ICU Critical/Stable*
#3--87M—al Hofuf--4/17—Died--4/28*
#4--58M—al Hofuf--4/22--ICU Critical/Stable*
#5--94M—al Hofuf--4/22--Died--4/26*
#6--56M—al Hofuf--4/22—Died--4/30*
#7--56M—al Hofuf--4/22—Died--4/29*
#8--53F—al Hofuf--4/27--ICU Critical/Stable*
#9--50M —al Hofuf--4/30—ICU Critical**
#10-- Hussein al-Sheikh 33M—al Hofuf--4/28—Recovered, discharged.
#11—62F—al Hofuf--4/19—Died—5/3*
#12—71M—al Hofuf--4/15—Died—5/3*
#13—58F—al Hofuf--5/1—ICU Critical/Stable*
#14—48M—al Hofuf—4/29—Stable
#15—58M—al Hofuf—4/6—Recovered, discharged 5/3
#16—69F—al Hofuf—4/25—Died 5/8
#19—56M—al-Hofuf—5/7—Recovered, discharged
#20—45M HCW—al Hofuf—5/2—Critical—
#21—43F HCW—al Hofuf—5/8—Stable**
#22—81F—HCF patient—4/28—Critical*

France Cluster
Case Number—Name—From--Onset—Condition—DOD
#1—65(M)--Valenciennes—4/23—ICU Critical

Case Number—Name—From—Onset—Condition--DOD
#1—66(M)—Monastir Tunisia—4/30—Negative Conf.—Father--Died 5/10
#2—34(M)—Monastir Tunisia—confirmed--sibling--recovered (after 5/3)
#3—35(F)—Monastir Tunisia--confirmed—sibling—recovered (after 5/3)

Saudi Arabia
Case Number—Name—From—Onset—Condition--DOD
#1—63(M)—Qassim—Died 5/20

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