Tuesday, May 21, 2013

#Coronavirus: Tunisia Victim Died 7 Days after Returning from Saudi Arabia

[If the victims son and daughter contracted it, wouldn't the count be 43, not 41?]

 | 21 May 2013

The Ministry of Health says a 66-year-old Tunisian man has died after being infected by the coronavirus following a visit to the Gulf.
This is the first such case in Tunisia as the virus slowly spreads beyond the Middle East,  according to the Ministry of Health’s National Observatory of New and Emerging Diseases, known by its French acronym ONMNE.
The victim died on May 10 in the eastern coastal governorate of Monastir seven days after returning from Saudi Arabia, said Nourddine Ben Jomaa, who monitors the epidemic for ONMNE.
Ben Jomaa told Tunisia Live that the coronoavirus is a communicable disease and that the man’s daughter and son were infected by it as well, but quickly recovered after undergoing medical treatment.
The virus is related to SARS, which killed about 800 people in 2003, mostly of them in Asia.
The coronavirus first appeared in 2012 in Jordan, said Ben Jomaa.
“There have been 41 worldwide cases and 50 percent of them died,” he said. ” People should wash their hands frequently and distance themselves from ill people.”
The Ministry of Health plans to launch a preventive campaign for Tunisians who are going to perform the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages in Saudi Arabia.

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