Monday, May 20, 2013

Kurdistan warns of health #Coronavirus to attend Umrah and Hajj

19 May 13
Twilight News / Health Ministry has warned the Kurdistan Regional Government, on Monday, citizens of Corona prevention of HIV, especially those who intend to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj Umrah Awahadj.
He said media director at the ministry in charge of the Division of Infectious Diseases sincere capable in a press conference held at the ministry building in Arbil attended by " Twilight News "," So far, there are no cases of the virus in the province of Kurdistan and Iraq. "
However, "we decided to warn citizens of the presence of many of those who are doing a trip Umrah and Hajj season on the doorstep and for this we have taken several measures for the prevention of infection with this virus."
"The government's measures necessary preliminary epidemiological monitoring includes first and do an educational campaign, especially for pilgrims for the prevention of disease," he said, calling on citizens to "review the nearest health center when feeling Baradh".
It is worth mentioning that the virus Koruna recently emerged amid a number of traveling to Saudi Arabia for the purpose of performing Umrah, a virus, a mysterious and rare family "corona virus", and begins its symptoms simple as symptoms of influenza, where the patient feels Balaanqan in the throat, cough, high temperature, shortness of breath, headache, may be equal to heal later.
And perhaps develop symptoms to severe inflammation in the lung, due to damage to the alveoli and lung tissue swelling, or renal failure, may also prevent the virus and the arrival of oxygen to the blood, causing a deficiency in the physiology of the body, which could lead to death in certain cases.
The World Health Organization has previously announced that the virus mysterious new belongs to the family of coronavirus, which belongs to the virus, "SARS", but the difference between viruses is that SARS, the exception being that affects the respiratory tract, it may cause inflammation of the stomach and intestines, the new virus varies from SARS in that it causes significant inflammation of the respiratory tract, and quickly lead to kidney failure.

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