Wednesday, May 22, 2013

#Coronavirus: The death of a resident in Qassim due to a virus "Corona" & Map

Qassim is approximately 300 miles away from our other outbreaks.

May 22, 2013
Issued the General Directorate of Health Affairs in Qassim issued a press release Wednesday evening shows the arrival of the results of analysis of resident Arabic at the age of 63 years, was suffering from some chronic diseases including hypertension, diabetes, and was تنويمه Bmscvy Buraidah Central being was suffering from severe pneumonia died after So, where specialists suspected the situation after the match Corona disease symptoms and the results were after their arrival indicates positive suffering with this disease.

He explained that media spokesman for the health Qassim Mohammed الدباسي who pointed out that he has been sent samples to Riyadh if suspicion of the situation and reached the analysis results Wednesday evening, indicating a positive situation and stressed الدباسي that the medical team specialists will attend to the region later to make sure free contacts of service providers health hospital and those who died - God's mercy -, than any similar symptoms, noting that this is the case only positive Qassim region during the past two months and the second case since the disease appeared, indicating he no room to relay news erroneous or unconfirmed, as long as the Ministry of Health represented by the various directorates dealing with transparency and clarity with these cases if confirmed and deal with medical and preventive according to the procedures followed in this regard. 

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