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ProMED: MERS-CoV - Eastern Mediterranean (08): Saudi Arabia, new case, fatal, RFI

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Published Date: 2013-05-22 17:25:49
Archive Number: 20130522.1731245

Date: Wed 22 May 2013
Source: Saudi Arabia - Ministry of Health [edited]

The Ministry of Health has announced a new death from novel coronavirus, a non-Saudi patient in the Al-Qaseem region. He was admitted to the hospital a few days ago because of acute pneumonia and died yesterday [Tue 21 May 2013].

The Ministry explained that most of the recorded cases until now, were in old patients and patients with chronic diseases.

The ministry confirmed that the Al-Ahsa governorate didn't record any new cases during the last 5 days.

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[Al Qaseem region is in the central part of Saudi Arabia. It can be found on the maps at and It is not adjacent to the Eastern province where there has been an ongoing outbreak associated with nosocomial transmission.

This case raises the worldwide total of laboratory confirmed cases of MERS-CoV to 44 with 22 deaths (case fatality rate of 50 percent).

The report above is the 1st report of a foreign national hospitalized in Saudi Arabia for severe illness associated with MERS-CoV infection. The report does not give the national origin of the individual or whether the individual was a resident external worker or was just in Saudi Arabia as a short term visitor. Concern has been raised about possible "exportations" of the virus to countries not equipped to easily deal with identifying as well as treating/managing cases of MERS-CoV. Information on the age of the case as well as possible exposures (contact with animals, contact with other cases, travel to Eastern Province) would be greatly appreciated. - Mod.MPP

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