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#H7N9 Guangzhou Case Contacts on Tamiflu & Shenzen Case is not optimistic, on ventilator

[The Shenzen Case is not "stable".  You can read below that the 76 yo man is not doing well, even though he is "stable".  He is still in critical condition.
red editing is mine]
Translation - Excerpt:

Southern News yesterday afternoon, the Guangdong Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission Bulletin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, were reported confirmed cases of H7N9 avian influenza case of human infection. As of yesterday, Guangdong Province reported a total of 14 cases of H7N9 confirmed cases of human infection, including Dongguan and 1 died. Since entering in 2014, within 11 days of Guangdong on the report of eight cases of human infection with H7N9.
  The next patient was live poultry stalls in Guangzhou unloading points
  According to Provincial Planning Commission informed Wei, Guangzhou Panmou case for patients, male, 29 years old, currently residing in Baiyun District of Guangzhou City and streets in Tianhe District, Longgang Road, Sha East market operators tofu. January 3, 2014 the disease, avian influenza H7N9 infection in sentinel local hospital on January 9, to give "Tamiflu" treatment.
  Guangzhou CDC deputy director Yang Zhicong introduction, the case was the first case of human infection with the H7N9 Guangzhou native bird flu cases, the source of infection for the live poultry stalls nearby sand East market. Patients have already moved south hospital intensive care unit, is currently in critical condition, the hospital is organizing experts trying to treat. Its 39 close contacts have been tracking in place and have been preventive medication Tamiflu, which has two young children (child patient), currently No abnormality was found.
  It is understood that after the outbreak, Guangzhou Tianhe District health, agriculture, industry and commerce departments have conducted the night of live poultry culling the market, harmless treatment and thorough cleaning and disinfection, from the 11th onwards the market closed for three days. Tianhe District to take a two-week emergency monitoring. After disinfection, the market is still a risk? Yang Zhicong introduced, which depends on the market situation of pollution, light pollution, if the risk is low, high pollution, the risk is high. The extent of the infection in this market, 杨智聪 claimed to have 39 on the surrounding environmental sampling, sample results Not out.
  Patients are not in direct contact with live birds, how infection? 杨智聪 said the survey found that there are four sand East market stalls selling poultry shop every day unloading shop next to the patient, the patient may be the cause of infection. However, there is no evidence that H7N9 has sustained human to human evidence.
  Shenzhen newly diagnosed patient's condition is not optimistic
  Provincial Planning Commission informed Guardian said Zhao Shenzhen case for patients, male, 76 years old, currently residing in Buji, Longgang District, no live poultry exposure history. January 3, 2014 the disease, avian influenza H7N9 infection in sentinel local hospital on January 9, to give "Tamiflu" treatment. Currently, the patient's condition is stable.
  Shenzhen Third People's Hospital Zhoubo Ping revealed that the patient because of advanced age and suffering from tuberculosis, hypertension and diabetes and other underlying diseases, poor immunity, by the H7N9 bird flu virus after the current has basically lungs loss of function, there have symptoms of hypoxia, must rely on ventilator to breathe.Because the older the patient, and the rapid progression of the disease, the current condition is not optimistic. However Zhoubo Ping said that the patient is more fortunate, his body did not appear superbugs, Founder homes currently using Tamiflu and other antiviral drugs, and a clearer sense of the patient himself.
  Shenzhen CDC experts said it has close contacts of 37 cases in Shenzhen were under medical observation, yet found an exception.
  Prior to the first patient in Shenzhen confirmed a European living in Longgang South Bay streets, adjacent to the Buji Street, then this case is associated with two of it? Experts believe that the current survey and research point of view, two cases are not directly linked, it is still no clear evidence to prove the disease from person to person possible.

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