Saturday, January 11, 2014

KO: Hong Kong has multiple risk management #H7N9 #H1N1


Core Tip: Haizhu District of Guangzhou, a restaurant chopping boards and two live chickens were found to have H7N9 bird flu virus, food  Board Secretary Ko Wing-man, said yesterday that the current supply of live chickens in Hong Kong have multiple risk management, affected by avian flu low risk, without a "one size fits all" approach to limit the mainland live chickens to Hong Kong. In addition, Yin Liang HA Chief Executive, said influenza seasons, influenza season and face the threat of avian flu, the occupancy rate in excess of 120% of the acute wards, suspended non-emergency surgery, the doctor will work overtime to cope with the Chinese New Year public hospitals Non-emergency services or postponed.


In addition, the beam  Yin said yesterday that the face of the peak of the flu and the threat of avian influenza, acute hospital beds were full, emergency ward occupancy rate of 120%, urged the public to take care of themselves, experiencing mild symptoms, try to avoid the emergency room, "enter influenza season, into the accident and emergency department of public often have to wait four to five hours, "Lunar New Year, the need to postpone some non-emergency surgery, but emergency surgery is not affected. 

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