Thursday, January 9, 2014

Macao Chief Executive Yan Zhen cope poultry epidemic situation commanding review #H7N9

Translation - editing below is mine 

WASHINGTON neighborhood H7N9 bird flu new changes, the Australian response to epidemic prevention measures have been implemented for some time, Chief Executive Chui Sai again yesterday held a joint meeting to assess the epidemic prevention work on the next phase of the epidemic changes that may occur scrutiny has set various response plans.
The Chief Executive stressed that if there is a sudden public health crisis, the government in order to protect people's lives and health of its paramount task, the government has already set up defenses and formulate strategies to deal with H7N9 avian flu and plans, changes in the light of the epidemic appropriate adjustment plan will be based on infection Disease Prevention Law efforts to tackle the epidemic may occur. He pointed out that the relevant departments to make residents understand the government has deployed a contingency plan, so that the community at ease.
Health Bureau described the development of the epidemic, according to an analysis of epidemiology, measures to compare neighborhood, and to assess and report on the epidemic's development plans. Health Bureau has been set up in April last year, response teams to deal with the work carried out, to maintain close contact with the World Health Organization and the neighboring areas in the health sector; strengthen monitoring, issue guidelines to health care, to detect suspected cases, hope for early detection of patients; while already on the different nature of institutions, government departments, industry issued prevention guidelines and will explain; re-examine existing isolation facilities and equipment; Health Bureau Public Health Laboratory has prepared a 1,200 diagnostic reagents; reserve more than 18 million people needed treatment against influenza virus drugs, and available health authorities, other government departments and non-profit organizations for more than three months heavy use of consumable materials, and other protection; continue working temperature in the port; keep the public through various media publicity and education work.
HAD to report a number of prevention and control and response plans have been implemented, including the transmission of live poultry import and Australia have taken the retail level detection work; deal with animal source of avian influenza; continue to implement a number of measures for the supervision of the Australian market stalls three birds; At the same time pay close attention to the health of birds of practitioners, according to the wishes of practitioners by the Health Department for free influenza vaccination.
Chief Executive to give directions, the relevant responsibilities of various departments would need to be a concerted effort to do prevention work.Health Bureau and the Home Department continues to maintain close communication with the National Health and Family Planning Commission, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, World Health Organization and the neighborhood counterparts, through the "Mainland, Hong Kong and Macau, three public health emergency response mechanism  other channels, exchange information on the disease. Macao Customs will continue to intercept various ports and border illegally imported poultry products, will immediately be sent to China once intercepted Department for follow-up testing.
In response to the development of neighboring H7N9 bird flu, the second quarter of last year, indicating the Chief Executive Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Cheong U pursued with vigor, good prevention and control work. Government believes that absorb the experience accumulated in the past to deal with infectious diseases, the residents will closely cooperate and comply with health guidelines.

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