Thursday, January 9, 2014

Macao SAR Government to formulate a plan to deal with #H7N9

January 9, 2014

At the meeting, the HKSAR Government Health Department explains the development of the epidemic and targeted plan. Health Bureau, Public Health Laboratory has prepared 1,200 diagnostic reagents ; reserves over 18 million needed for the treatment of anti-influenza virus drugs, and available health authorities , other government departments and non-profit organizations for more than three months heavy use of consumable protection supplies. The Board will continue to work in the port temperature and keep the public through various media publicity and education work .

IACM is reporting a number of prevention and control and response plans have been implemented , including the transmission of live poultry import and Australia have taken the retail level detection work ; deal with animal source of avian influenza ; continue on the Australian market stalls implemented a number of three birds monitoring measures ; while practitioners to closely monitor the health of the birds , according to the wishes of practitioners by the health Department for free influenza vaccination .

Chui Sai urged all relevant departments need to be further responsibilities , work together and do prevention work . Health Bureau and the Home Department continues to maintain close communication with the National Health and Family Planning Commission , the State Administration of Quality Supervision , World Health Organization and the neighborhood counterparts , through the "Mainland , Hong Kong and Macau, three public health emergency response mechanism " other channels , disease information exchange . Customs continues to intercept illegal import of poultry products in Macau various ports and borders.
(Editor : UN628) Original title : Macao SAR Government to formulate a plan to deal with H7N9

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