Friday, December 5, 2008

Avian Influenza in Nghe An

Date 5/12/2008. Updated at 15h 19 '

Avian influenza has been back

(DCSVN) - The Department of Animal Health (MARD) said, recently discovered avian influenza in Nghe An with the total number of poultry sick and dead are 194 children. Thus, after a long period of successful control of avian influenza outbreak was now back.

There only Nghe An provinces where avian influenza within 21 days.

According to a report of the Regional Animal Health III, on 2 / 12, detecting suspected outbreak of avian influenza in Nghi Phong commune of Nghi Loc district. SDAH collect samples sent Tram diagnostic tests under RAHO III, results determined samples be tested as positive for the virus avian influenza. As soon as discovered, SDAH have carried out measures to prevent and control

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