Saturday, December 6, 2008

Positively Bird Flu, 973 chickens were destroyed

on Thursday, December 04 2008
BUKIK KANDUANG, METRO -- around 973 chickens belonging to the community Was forced to be destroyed in a mass fashion. That was done, because of chickens That terjangkit the virus aviant influenza or that more was known with Bird flu. So that this virus does not spread the radius 1 Km was stated Isolated from the good poultry that entered and that left the area This. The step was taken to confirm the spread to the other area did not happen. Peternakan Kabupaten Solok Section Head, Zurni Asmi to POSMETRO, yesterday said, results of this research of chickens were positive terjangkit bird flu.
The number that was destroyed this not yet including the chicken that was destroyed by the community personally. The chicken belonging to the community that was destroyed that came from 3 available ellipses in Nagari Bukik Kanduang, respectively the Sopan Balai Ellipse, Jorong Data and the Mudiak Ellipse. His positive assurance this chicken bird flu, after being found died suddenly last Saturday (29/11). “Setelah we carried out the test with used rapid that was carried out against the chicken that was suspected this, evidently positive was found by the sign of bird flu. ” he said Zurni Asmi that was accompanied Head of Sector Kesehatan of the Animal of Dinas Peternakan Kabupaten Solok Drh Armon.
As the step in anticipation in order to not expand him the spreading of this virus to the other poultry in fact to humankind, then these chickens dimusnahan in a mass fashion. These chickens continued Zurni Asmi was handed willingly over by the community without the existence of compensation. However he continued his side was still trying to lodge the help request for the change in the chicken belonging to the community that was destroyed this to the centre. If seeing the number of chickens that was destroyed this not yet so. Because of being estimated more than 2 thousand tails ayam property of the available community in this area that must be destroyed. However apparently the official was waiting massa 21 days to confirm whether not having again the chicken that tertular. “Selama 21 days since this case was found nagari Bukik Kanduang with the radius 1 Km tidak was permitted the poultry entered or left this area. To monitor the development of the case of bird flu di Bukik Kanduang, the official was still being alerted. As far as this is concerned did not yet have the news about the spread of the deadly virus tersebut against the community.

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