Monday, February 2, 2009

Summary Re: Indonesia - Bogor

Regarding this previous post today:

Indonesian Media: Two Suspicious Deaths In Bogor

[From: Avian Flu Diary]:
By way of the Bird Flu Information Corner - a joint endeavor between Kobe University, Japan and Institute of Tropical Disease, Airlangga University, Indonesia - we get two Indonesian media reports tonight regarding an investigation into suspicious deaths that occurred in Bogor, Indonesia two weeks ago.

You can also refer to these previous posts here:
Summary of cases, one victim is recorded.

[There are 2 other articles from back in July, on this strain in Purwakarta]
[Another article on the same subject, from July 2, 2008]

The Bird Flu groove was Just found in Purwakarta

The Penelitian Veteriner hall (Balitvet) Bogor, West Java, found the groove (strain) the new bird flu virus in Purwakarta.

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