Saturday, September 22, 2012

Contamination Concerns, Many Countries Banned Cake

Lo disease, many countries boycotted cake


(VNA) - The source of Chinese quarantine inspection Bureau, this year 34 countries and regions worldwide export ban mooncakes.

Because most types of mooncakes are potentially contain sources of infectious diseases such as avian influenza, foot and mouth disease and other diseases should China and many other countries prohibit entry of moon cakes containing eggs and meat.
Lo disease, many countries boycotted cake
Contamination concerns, many countries banned cake 

Besides, due to the transportation process, send cakes as gifts should take some time cake metamorphosed vulnerable components so that a few countries have restrictions on sending cakes as gifts. 

year to 34 countries and areas banned immigration cakes, including Germany, France, Denmark, Spain, Belgium, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Mexico, Brazil , Uruguay, Colombia, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Singapore, Philippines-pinQatar, India, Indonesia, Indonesia Malaysia, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, Congo, Equatorial Guinea , Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon, Burundi, Gabon, Ethiopia, Sudan, Libya. 

addition, some countries restrict send cakes abroad, for example in Australia clearly defined wheel sent not contain ingredients such as egg yolks, meat, nuts; Britain, Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand and other countries banned the entry of mooncakes containing egg yolk and meat. 

Relevant departments remind the People should not take the bread that contains all kinds of meat, eggs, fruits and gifts to send overseas to avoid inspection and quarantine agencies seized. Before sending gifts to relatives abroad should seek to understand the quarantine regulations of that country.


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