Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Guangdong explosion avian threat for live chickens

[I understand this to read that they were using the Re5 vaccine, which is not effective with the current strain, and that they need to start using the Re6 against the strain.  Also, the new Re6 has not been used much and is still not used in Hong Kong. ]

Winter bird flu epidemic is gaining momentum. Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province, duck avian flu outbreak, more than fourteen thousand ducks reared suspected bird flu symptoms, of which six thousand deaths, yesterday the National Avian Influenza Reference Laboratory confirmed H5N1 subtype of highly pathogenic avian influenza . The FEHD's Centre for Food Safety in Hong Kong have learned in Zhanjiang, Guangdong bird flu, is to verify whether it has supplied to Hong Kong chicken farms and poultry processing plants. The microorganisms experts believe that the mainland duck farms have a large number of ducks killed, variants of avian influenza virus, inoculated with the older generation of avian influenza vaccine in poultry can not resist worried for the Hong Kong chicken farms of chickens is not completely new vaccine, virus threats for live chickens.

Mainland media reported that some farmers in the town of Zhanjiang City Economic and Technological Development Zone, East Jane avian flu the the local blockade affected areas, to strengthen disinfection destroy the source and monitoring to troubleshoot, and culling sixty-seven thousand five hundred poultry.

Local chicken farmers should strengthen biosecurity
Ho Pak-leung, Director of the Centre for Infectious Disease of the University of Hong Kong, pointed out that the epidemic of Zhanjiang City, Mainland farms Re-5 further decline of the old vaccine effectiveness. Prevailing avian influenza virus lineage, Re-6 vaccine for the virus is not yet widely used, together with migratory birds, avian influenza virus may be passed to the various types of poultry widely with the birds, including the Mainland for Hong Kong chicken only, or even the local farms. As a result, local chicken farmers did not use before the new vaccine to strengthen biosecurity. Citizens travel to the Mainland, but also to avoid contact with birds.

Hong Kong Poultry Wholesalers Association, Xu pointed out that the regiment, Zhanjiang and Hong Kong distance, local may not be supplied to Hong Kong chicken farms, the Mainland for Hong Kong chicken farms gradually turn to play the new vaccine, adequate immunization of chickens against avian influenza.

For Port chilled duck is not affected by outbreaks
Hong Kong the chilled poultry Chamber of Commerce President, said Guo Shixing, near Zhanjiang, Yangjiang, a small amount of chilled ducks to Hong Kong, 1000-2000 daily, yet see the epidemic of Zhanjiang City. Li Liangji Mainland duck is not worried about the outbreak of avian flu virus into Hong Kong, the vice chairman of the Hong Kong New Territories Chicken Breeders Association. Birds of bird flu in Hong Kong for wild birds, migratory birds with the virus simply difficult to prevent. The industry will be vigilant, good chicken farm biosecurity. He added that local chickens in bird flu blood test results, the pass rate is almost hundred percent, believe that the present use of the vaccine is still effective. In response to the Mainland variant of avian flu virus, the industry ordered the new vaccines Re-arriving later can be injected chickens. He does not worry about the use of new vaccines, the avian flu virus threat in Hong Kong.


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