Thursday, September 20, 2012

Indonesia: 97 Villagers Suspected #H5N1 Avian Influenza Bird Flu - Map of Outbreak

Some information on Wonosobo Indonesia. populated place population 92.990 It is located in Central Java, which is on the Island of Java, Jakarta being in West Java.
From an article:

Three villages in Wonosobo regency, Central Java bird flu. A total of 97 villagers in the district Selomerto bird flu. Dozens of patients experienced primary school children and the rest of the parents. Residents attacked from three hamlets namely Hamlet Depok, Wonosobo, and Hamlet Plobangan Wetan. All the victims were examined by the medical team gradually local village clinic, Wednesday (20/9). Plobangan village chief Ismail said the case of bird flu that hit a number of its citizens is the first time. He explained that in the past week, more than 250 poultry breeds of chickens and ducks suddenly died suddenly. The team from the health department and animal husbandry department dispatched to the location. The case rose to the status of extraordinary occurrence (KLB) and all residents are asked to be aware of. "Handling is done every day. Village health center open 24-hour service, "said Ismail.
A close-up map of the 3 hamlets:

Link to my map:,110.044556&spn=0.564622,0.591888

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