Friday, September 21, 2012

Indonesia: Indramayu West Java Poultry Die-off; Citizens Monitored

Indramayu is in north West Java.  Central Java being to the right of the map.  The poultry have not been diagnosed.  The people are being monitored.

September 21, 2012
Indramayu - the sudden death of chickens in the village of North Anjatan, District Anjatan, continue to grow in number. In fact, if previously only occurred in Block Buyut Millah, Thursday (20/9) yesterday, also extends the chicken deaths in the two other Blok Babakan dan Blok Sabrang Wetan.

In two blocks, the number of chickens owned by residents who died mysteriously reported to reach dozens of birds. But unfortunately, there has been no real effort from the local Animal Husbandry Department. So whether chickens that died of bird flu virus (H5N1) or not, is uncertain.

"New from Health Department officials are acting. Conduct outreach and monitoring health conditions people whose chickens died suddenly. If from no other services are down, " said North Anjatan Kuwu, Asmono.

Knowledge, the incidence of many chickens that died suddenly has been going on since last July. But entering in September, increasing the chicken deaths and widespread. Although alarming, he suspected the death of dozens of chickens caused by diseases that are common anyway when the transition season.

Why or Newcastle disease often attacks the chickens and can quickly spread. And often results in sudden death.  "Hopefully not die of bird flu virus," he hoped.
Marno (38) local residents also suspect so. Some tail 3 month old chickens died suddenly yesterday morning and immediately bury it. "So please do not spread to other chickens," he said.

However, he hoped that no action of the parties to determine the exact cause of death of chickens owned by residents. Marno not mind if the whole chickens culled if it is infected with the bird flu virus.

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