Thursday, September 20, 2012

Vietnam: Thai Binh has #H5N1 Avian Influenza in Poultry

On 20/9, Thai Binh Provincial People's Committee has announced bird flu in 2 Quang Trung and Vu Hoa Kien Xuong district of nearly 1,800 birds with, forced destruction. Mr. Nguyen Van Duc , Provincial Director of the Department of Animal Health said the outbreak in the flock of Hoang Van Christian households in Quang Trung commune, Kien Xuong district from 09.11.2012 to show appetite, differential blue, white neurological symptoms; until 12/9, duck of death. On 13/9, Department of Animal Health and the professional Kien Xuong District of direct examination and verification of disease at the base. At the time of inspection, the number of dead ducks are 300 children of the 800 children, the rest in a very weak state.SDAH test samples sent in veterinary agency region II (DAH), the results of the 3/3 samples taken from the flock of Mr. Christian were positive for the H5N1 avian influenza virus. After that, on 17/9, continue to check monitor the disease situation in Quang Trung commune and the neighboring communes, Department of Animal Health and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Kien Xuong District outbreak on herd household ducks Nguyen Van Nghia in Vu Hoa commune, Kien Xuong district, with manifestations of illness, death, green diarrhea, white and nervous symptoms; duck was duck cholera vaccination, no vaccination avian influenza vaccine. At the time of inspection, the total flock illness, death of Mr. Nguyen Van Nghia 953 43-day-old ducks. Department conducted sampling tests sent to the veterinary agency II and results 3/3 samples collected at the household he means also positive for the H5N1 avian influenza virus. According SDAH Pacific, causes outbreak of avian influenza in the province due to the circulation of the H5N1 avian influenza virus in poultry in the locality; season plus the weather turns in recent days adverse health herd poultry, livestock producers are ignored in the implementation of sanitation and epidemic prevention, foster care ... So pathogens on poultry at the local opportunities arise. Meanwhile, at this time, the re-man the new culture at the local level rise. Poultry in the province since the end of 2010 has not been avian influenza vaccination; transport and trade of poultry at the local level has not been strictly controlled; avian influenza virus has been circulating in poultry in the province with a high rate. situation, the provincial Animal Health Department and the local have to focus on directing and implementing disease control measures as prescribed; carried out the destruction of the households in the flock; sanitation and disinfection, propagation of the epidemic and the measures prevention. Thai Binh province provides 156 liters Benkocid support and 1400 kg of lime for 2 social services to handle the disease, enhance staff closely monitor the implementation of technical measures at the facility.Provincial Department of Animal Health also note, advised farmers on the varieties of the bird flu virus branch in Thai Binh and the Red River Delta provinces do not have the appropriate vaccination vaccine, to farms proactively serious disease prevention measures and reduce the damage caused by the epidemic. /.

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