Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Vietnam: Map of #H5N1 strain Group C Outbreaks

According to the National Steering Committee for the prevention of avian influenza, in August, recurrent avian influenza began in some provinces and cities, mainly in the north and central regions due to the H5N1 virus group branch (group C). This virus group appeared in Quang Ngai, spread along the highway from north to south so the risk of spread in the current period is very high. In two weeks, the country has incurred two outbreak of avian influenza in Peace, killing nearly 1,000 birds and Tuyen Quang, killing 17,406 birds. Up to now, there are eight provinces with avian influenza within 21 days including: Ha Tinh 4 drive, Nam Dinh Ninh Binh 4 drive 3 the Bac Kan 1 hard drive, Quang Ngai 17 drive, Tuyen Quang 8 hard, Thanh Hoa 1 hard and Peace 2 outbreak.
[Original:   Hà Tĩnh có 4 ổ dịch, Ninh Bình 4 ổ, Nam Định 3 ổ, Bắc Kạn 1 ổ, Quảng Ngãi 17 ổ, Tuyên Quang 8 ổ, Thanh Hóa 1 ổ và Hòa Bình 2 ổ dịch.

[Another article:]

As directed by the National Steering Committee against bird flu this afternoon 18-9. 
According to Deputy Director of the Department of Animal Health Pham Van Dong, the past two weeks, the outbreak of bird flu continue to appear in the provinces: Bac Kan and Quang Ngai, Nam Dinh, Ninh Binh, Thanh Hoa, Ha Tinh and spread the two new Provincial Peace and Tuyen Quang, bringing the total number of local services across the country to 8 provinces. worryingly, the outbreak arising from 7-2012 to now associated with the appearance branch of the H5N1 flu virus (group C), highly virulent and cause rapid death, dead waterfowl, widely distributed in the north, extending to Quang Ngai. Branch of this virus tends to spread from north to south.  To quickly control the outbreak and prevent the not to new branch H5N1 virus spread in the southern provinces, particularly the provinces of the Mekong Delta region, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has asked the provinces to pause transport of live poultry from the north to south through the province of Quang Ngai, Kon Tum. Execution time until control the current avian influenza outbreaks.
My Map of the current Strain Outbreak in Vietnam.  Quang Ngai is the Province furthest South.   You can also see Guangdong Province in China on the map below.  H5N1 was reported in their poultry, the post can be found here.

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